track down a party

Film "My mind began reeling with ideas. "I can still make it out," I thought to myself. "Interact. Yes, go out: that's what I want to do. It's early, there is a plenty of time to track down a party." I began to scroll through my cell phone at record speed. Five minutes later my fleeting hope had vanished as my options presented themselves: 1) Meet a friend at a Cheesecake Factory in Baltimore; 2) Hop a train to NY; 3) Fly to Miami; 4) Go to a Couples party in Norfolk or 5) Go to my local haunt in Georgetown all by my lonesome. Option Five lingered for a moment before I dismissed it. I'm too afraid of Georgetown University undergrads to venture out on such a crowded night. They would be out in droves. And so I pushed forward." -- Dave Brecheisen. I spent new year watching Kissing Jessica Stein which I love, but any of the five things he lists would have been fine by me too.

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