Life I've been quite ill. As usual, the whole family caught a cold at the same time and I've been feeling really tired and edgy these past few days. It struck early on Thursday afternoon during what's going to be my fortnightly day of seminars, and I turned into Snow from the remake of Solaris. In other words, this guy ...

... except without the beard but some of the jesticulating, unable to say anything coherent or reasonable. Probably. Whole conversations were I felt like a projection of myself rather than the real me. I managed to get my dissertation research proposal in but I'm not sure it was right or any good. But when you get to the point that you're shifting words around in sentences but not actually adding more sense or content, it's time to pass it in and hope for the best.

I'm a bit perkier today but still a bit listless with all kinds of ideas of what I want to be doing and could be doing but none of the inclination. Just watching the Olympic Curling out of the corner of my eye and Britain seem all at sea and I'm still having difficult following the scoring, though not in a cricketing sense (which seems to have been designed by elitists so that other elitests can grin smuggly because they understand).

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