Film "Despite the English rose looks, there is a chameleon quality to Kelly Reilly. This year alone, she's been a tart with a heart opposite Johnny Depp in The Libertine, a 1930s showgirl in Mrs Henderson Presents and a bitchy Miss Bingley in Pride & Prejudice. Soon we'll see her in Cedric Klapisch's Les Poupees Russes (Russian Dolls) opposite Audrey Tautou and new heart-throb Romain Duris. The film topped the French box office for three months and Reilly has been nominated for a Cesar. 'I do have this other secret world going on in France,' she jokes." -- My latest favourite actress mentioned in another of The Observer's zeigeisty pieces.

She certainly does. In the UK she's only vaguely known but I'm reliably informed that in France she's very, very famous. I'm hoping that since it has been nominated for awards, The Russian Dolls will get the release here, but I've checked the imdb and nothing is listed yet. Also: "She is currently filming a remake of A for Andromeda, a role that Julie Christie originally played, for the BBC." Oh lord, that's random...

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