I seldom watch anything more than once

Writing "I take a similarly "zen" approach to reviewing: I approach the task without consciousness or deliberation. I know the process is different for everyone; Richard Harland Smith once told me that he watches each film he reviews at least twice, and Pauline Kael notoriously boasted that she never saw any film more than once. I suppose I fall somewhere between those two disciplines, because I seldom watch anything more than once while I am in the process of reviewing it, though I will later watch those films I like as many times as curiosity and pleasure dictate." -- Tim Lucas.

Lucas, who writes the No Zone column for Sight and Sound magazine offers a mine of useful tips for film reviewers. I don't really have a particular approach to reviewing, although it tends to follow a different format depending upon where it will ultimately be published. I tend to be a bit more sober and long winded on Off The Telly for some reason whilst I'm a bit more free wheeling here. Often if its a film which hasn't had a massive distribution or is largely unheard of I'll detect more of a championing tone and greater groundwork in terms of context. If it's a blockbuster or massive release I'll cut to the chase more quickly and give an instant opinion even answering other critics if I think they're wrong (see my opinion of Ocean's Twelve which I still maintain I'm right about).

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