We must act quickly...

Theatre "It was widely stated that Jude Law was set to play Withnail in a West End adaptation of the 1987 film, but according to Withnail himself this isn?t the case at all. "Bruce Robinson called me up about this immediately, and he said, ?Do you know anything about this??, and I said, ?No, no, nothing at all,?" says Richard E Grant. "The guy is a producer, I think he has bought the film and he owns the rights to that but he doesn?t own any rights to turn it into a theatre play. So it?s pure fantasy and Bruce Robinson said over his dead body, it?ll never happen. He?ll sue him." -- Empire Online

JUDE LAW!?! You know sometimes you hear about there projects and you can tell that someone's plucked a name out the air. Thank the gods that version isn't going ahead. Although seeing the thing in a theatre with Beckettian styling sounds excellent, especially having the immediacy of what is, after all, a very literate script. That Bruce Robinson continues to live without renumiration is a tragedy.

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