TV Sorry I've been away tonight getting over a day of dissertation reading with a night with the Gilmore Girls. Their episode with The Bangles was infinitely more fulfilling than Dawson's daliance with No Doubt in that it was smart and funny and made sense in context. Anyway I'm breaking my silence before bedtime to bring you the funniest paragraph of a film review I've ever read, and after many strong years of reading Charlie Brooker, that's saying somethng...
"Now, we live in a modern, broad-minded open world in which us modern, broad-minded and open folk have our various interests, hobbies and pastimes to keep amused and ... oh, bugger it: In short, if I want to watch two people I don't know engaging in intercourse, I don't have to look very far, and you, gentle reader, don't either. If you want to or not is totally up to you, as is your choice whether or not to settle down to enjoy Love Island. And yet I plead, avoid Love Island like herpes. Because, you see, at least with pornography in general you can give the participants a back story of your own choice, a diverse and enlightening set of traits, a sense of morale and purpose, goals, aims. That sort of old school jive."
John Thorp at Off The Telly, that's incredible.

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