Politics "Phone call from work: 'Have you been chatting to someone at some do about the Tony Blair interview you did that was supposed to be a secret? They've been calling our press office.' Flashback to mentioning to someone last night that I had joked with Blair: 'Prime Minister, having been in the job since 1997, in a position of much responsibility and influence, do you think the time has finally come for... me to leave Blue Peter?' Not a bad joke, I thought. Anyway, how was I to know that this talkative soul knew someone from the Evening Standard's Londoner's Diary? Moreover, that it would coincide with a leaked memo detailing how Blair will 'do' a series of BBC programmes in the near future - Songs of Praise, Chris Evans on Radio 2 and Blue Peter?" -- Konnie Huq displays an excellent sense of humour in The Observer. Some people should be made to blog.

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