Older, looking younger

That Day I spent the day in Chester, actually beginning my Christmas shopping. It's a town that has found an equilibrium between individuality and the homogeneity of high street stores that's happening throughout the country so there are always unusual shops filled with the kind of curiosities that I like to give as presents. There's now, for example, somewhere called The Japanese Shop, that sells everything Tokyo, from Manga to sushi kits to origami to tea sets, all seemingly sourced from the other side of the planet.

Meanwhile I'm one year older although I'm not too worried about that. The other day I was chatting to someone about life and everything about life and listing everything I've done and I slowly realised she was trying to work out in her head how I'd fitted it all in. Eventually she asked, oh so politely:
'I'm sorry, can I ask? How old are you?'
'I'm thirty-two at the end of the month.'
And she looked genuinely shocked.
So I said:
'You thought I was older?'
'No. I thought you were younger. Mid-twenties...'
That was nice.


  1. Anonymous12:07 am

    You seem to me to be a bit of a Peter Pan character. How do you manage it Stu ?

  2. Happened again today. 27 this time.

    Believe me, there are bags under my eyes and grey hairs. Perhaps its more to do with my demeanor.