Links for 2006-12-20 []

  • Whedonesque: Buffy season 8 comic book writers announced!
    Joss is there obviously and great to see recognisable tv names like Jane Espenson, Drew Goddard and Doug Petrie in there too. It's essentially being written and run like the tv series and will be considered canon.
  • Andrew Collins: Review of 2006 Part 1
    But Robin Hood got *better*. The disappointment should be 'Torchwood' surely. But then I would say that. SFX Magazine gave the dvd release a fairly glowing review this month although it did seem to boil down to what everyone was saying -- I wasn't really expecting *that* ...
  • Natural History Museum: What's the most frustrating animal to film?
    The answer isn't quite what you would expect.
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