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  • Digi-Cream Times: The Seven Ages of Clive James
    "DATES: 1988-1995. FEATS: Talking by satellite to Vitali Vitaliev. Inventing YouTube. Talking by satellite to Mel Brooks. Stormin' Norman Norman Stormin' Norman Schwartzkopf. Discovering Japanese television."
  • Loughborough University: Full-time studentship: Preservation of Computer Games
    A really useful sounding research project and although it's not my thing (I've never been very good at playing them which should be an important part of the job, there must a couple of people reading who would find this fascinating.
  • Manchester Confidential: Big Brother’s big auditions
    Eye witness account of the audition process at Urbis: "From what we saw, the people put through on the day were the ones with the wackiest appearances, the loudest, most annoying personalities and the most controversial views."
  • Nick Robinson's Newslog: Social responsibility
    Since I'm about three thousand years behind in my RSS feed reading I've only just reached the Nick Robinson Curry Missile story. Priceless.
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