Angellica’s breasts.

People Right, on the basis of the following, I'm going to start a Cult of Angellica Bell. Who's with me?
"We had a Mona the Vampire day. The topic was: ‘Like Mona the Vampire, what is the one thing you want to get your teeth into?’ All the texts said, ‘Angellica’s breasts’, or ‘Angellica’s bum’. So the researcher and I decided to phone the people who texted in. I rang back and said: ‘You’ve sent a text to CBBC’ and they all said: ‘No, it wasn’t me – my mate made me do it.’ When I told them it was me, they all wet themselves. That was one of the best afternoons I had working there. It was hilarious."
Which sounds like a perfectly reasonable way of spending the license fee.

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