Music The BBC has advertised a vacancy for a 'Rank & File' Viola No.4 at the BBC Symphony Orchestra and reading through the job description has done nothing but increased my admiration for the players, since as well as having to be at the top of their class in relation to their musical ability, they also have to show an exceedingly strong commitment to the work:
"The R&F Viola No.4 will work 100% of the Orchestra’s schedule. All members of the Orchestra receive 5 weeks leave per year. Three of these weeks are fixed within the orchestral schedule, and the remaining 2 weeks may be taken as flexible leave subject to operational requirements and by agreement with the Orchestra Management.

Whilst this position does not require the R&F No.4 Viola to work exclusively for the BBC Symphony Orchestra, it is expected that the Orchestra will have first-call on your availability. In accordance with BBC policy regarding leave, any time off must be agreed in advance by the Management and is subject to the scheduling requirements of the BBC."
It probably sounds obvious, there is a level of sacrifice being expected here which I'm not sure many of us would be able to keep up with. So yes, tons of admiration.

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