"What? Whaaaat?" -- The Doctor, 'The Last of the Timelords'

TV Behind The Sofa has been in meltdown this past couple of days (to the point of a thread being closed) over the news of a pause in The Doctor's proceedings. For the initiated, the series is going to be taking a break after next year, with three specials instead in 2009 and a full fifth season in 2010. Hold on -- 2010? But it wasn't the year 2000 that long ago. What? Nearly seven years!?! Where did the time go? Oh I know, I was blogging. Anyway, some have called disaster, the usual bizarre theories are flying about and the odd voice of reason noting that at least we know that there's be another series at least to enjoy on top of the next one and the three special will have budget bump and might have an epic scale unseen before at least in the new series.

Now, like Martha Jones doing time in Torchwood, this post continues here.

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