"It wasn't until relatively recently that I actually saw a porn film in which a man and a woman had normal sex." -- Eamonn McCusker , 'DVD Times'

Film Excellent obituary to VHS video tape from DVD Times and the reader comment is fun too: "At home we got a VCR in 1984 and it was a Video 2000 from Philips. When I left home I took the machine with me (it was replaced by a VHS) and have used it ever since. Never saw the need to buy a VHS as that machine just kept on going. I bought most movies on Laserdisc so had no need for a VHS to buy movies. When a videoshop nearby decided to get rid of their V2000 collection I volunteerd to take them off their hands. The ones I didn't like I later sold on a flea market, but still ended up keeping around 100. [...] Now it has a place of honour in my living room and it is still working fine."

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