"Rose Tyler. Defender of the Earth." -- The Doctor, 'Doctor Who'

TV You will have read in the press about the return of Billie Piper to Doctor Who, something which has been quickly confirmed by the BBC, probably because with this photo floating around (which I initially thought was photoshopped -- oh well), it was hardly something which could be denied. Actually it could -- she might have 'just been visiting the set' -- but that's hardly convincing considering she has her Rose hair on. The other thing to notice about that shot is the man in the glasses, who fans like me will recognise as Graham Harper who's directed some of the best episodes of the past two years and the latest Children in Need special which is a very good thing indeed.

You'd think that the return of said actress would have universally excited fandom, but as is the way of things, everyone's split down the middle which is clearly, mad, strange and wrong since she was one of the best things about the first two series. Some don't like her, have never liked her, and gut wrenching performance on the beach at the close of series two isn't going to dissuade them. Other's are upset because it cheapens that story, where it took the wall between two dimensions to separate her and the Doctor which was rather more dramatic than the average classic series resignation; with the exception of Adric the reviled boy genius who met his end on a spaceship which wiped out the Daleks, they were variously married off, became tribal leaders and in one occasion felt a bit ill and was sent to the country to recuperate, never to return.

Silly things. I absolutely understand that argument, but really, it doesn't matter that much does it? With all the other rumours that are flying around about other returning companions it sounds as though the production team are putting together the new series version of an anniversary story (see also The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors, Silver Nemesis, Happy Endings, The Infinity Doctors, and um Zagreus) -- it being the show's 45th birthday year -- and a way of letting the last full set of episodes for a couple of years go out with a bang commemorating what's gone before. It all depends on the story and the script and there's nothing to suggest that something great isn't going to be delivered. Rumour has it that Rose is going to be at the centre of the Doctor-lite episode next year (the one in which he hardly appears for production purposes) which would be a good twist, especially if it was then tied directly in with the finale.

Well I'm excited.

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Anonymous said...

I expect that she'll be in the Doctor Lite episode and then return for the two-part season finale with the other Companions. As excited as I am to have Rose, Martha, Donna, Jack and Sarah Jane all together, I really hope there's another less well-known original series companion (or two) in there as well. Tegan and Turlough? Ace?