“Sickness, like sex, demands a private room, or at the very least, a discreet curtain around the ward bed” - Violet Weingarten

Life One the rare occasions when I do get a cold, it's never a bang, fuck you, and out. It's a slow process in which I can feel every symptom creeping in and taking up home. It probably accounts for why I've been so out of sorts this week leading to a rather lame showing on the blog. You'll forgive me, then, hopefully for presenting a few odd comments and links huddling together pretending to be something better. Back to full strength soon I hope.

Review 2007: Update: eight contributors so far and as with the last couple of years I'm trying to get one for every day in December. Details available here. Don't worry if you don't think you can write. I've been writing this for six and half years and it's never stopped me. Also if you're one of the eight, do please reply by the end of this month so that I can start posting thing from the first of the month.

Martha Rosler’s Library: "The library consists of nearly 7800 volumes all from Rosler’s collection, mostly in English, and includes catalogues, essays, documentation in subjects ranging from art, theory, women’s studies, science, politics, revolution, poetry and fiction."

Found in the referrer logs: The difference between Mozart and Shakira. Well, there's their ages for a start.

Ancient Marvels Abound at Vintage Computer Festival
: "Topics at the Vintage Computer Festival ranged from a discussion of the RAMAC -- the first spinning disk drive -- to a brief history of "phone phreaking" to the role of the TRS-80 in the PC revolution."

I've updated the filmlog.

Are you malcoordinated or uncoordinated?

I've also attempted a review of last night's rather wonderful Doctor Who Team-Up. Warning, the sofa seems to be lost in a vortex at the moment so the link might not work.

Teen Accused of Stealing Virtual Goods: "The youth in the Netherlands was on one of those Web sites where you create virtual people to wander around virtual buildings spending what amounts to real money. You pay cash for credits to spend online. The 17-year-old allegedly stole $5,800 worth of imaginary furniture. Real police arrested him. They suspect other teens of receiving the stolen goods."

The BBC consolidates its disparate blogs onto one page with a single mega RSS feed.

Odds and Bodkins: Isabella Rossellini Awkwardness, Much More: "So there I am with Isabella and David. Me: HowdoyoudogoshImsohonoredtomeetyou. Isabella: What did you think of the movie? Me: You must be very proud. Isabella: That depends on what you thought of the movie."

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