"this painting is a typical example of his work" -- NICE Paintings

Art See, I told you and someone else thought so too. The National Inventory of Continental European Paintings is:
the first phase of a unique on-line inventory of all the 22,000 pre-1900 Continental European oil paintings in the UK's public collections. The database has been created by the National Inventory Research Project (NIRP), based at the University of Glasgow. It contains detailed records, and an increasing number of digital images, of nearly 8,000 paintings, principally in smaller regional collections. Additional records and images are being added as further funding becomes available."
This is an amazing new resource and in some cases contains the only record on-line of some of these works. The page for The Atkinson Gallery in Southport features A Rose, one of my favourites. Anything which shines a light on these usually luminous, often ignored collections is a very good thing. The Scotsman has more from a north of the border perspective.

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