TV Take that Terry Nation's estate! The Out of the Blue Six Blog spends its Christmas with a Dalek:

"As if that wasn't enough, there are also the truly ridiculous lyrics penned by someone who had clearly neither seen nor heard of the Daleks, making reference to them having a 'foam inflated head' and a 'big red toe' from which festive stockings can be hung. There are also, for no apparent reason, some bleep-festooned 'blanked out' bits that sound worryingly like an attempt to cover up some stray bad language. And what does the young narrator want with this malevolent mutant in metal casing? Only to "say hi to mum and frighten daddy out of his bed", that's what."

It does have to be heard to be believed. And indeed until I heard it I wondered what the likes of Belinda Carlisle and Jane Weidlin were doing singing about the pepperpots. Clearly a different The Go-Gos. Last available on the currently deleted Who Is Dr Who? which also includes fragments of the fledgling (some would say cash-in) pop careers of Frazer Hines, Jon Pertwee and little Roberta Tovey.

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