"Excepting February alone. Which only has but 28 days clear And 29 in each leap year..." -- Traditional

Life February 29th is always a strange place to be. It’s almost as though the whole world shifts into an alternate reality in which everything is exactly the same, except we can look at the calendar and see something apparently impossible. Some employers give their staff the day off apparently (congratulations National Trust) which seems like just the right reaction. If we all have this extra day slotted into our lives we can’t we just enjoy it and perhaps do something we wouldn’t ordinarily do on the other one hundred and sixty five?

But then, not that I’ve jumped out of a plane or anything I always feel like I’m doing something new anyway. Four years ago, I was half way through my stint at the Liverpool Direct call centre, although it was a Sunday, which explains the busyness on the blog. Since then, my crackpot scheme to go back to university actually worked and I have another degree and now I’m working to try and get some experience ready for the next thing. My life’s always been about ‘the next thing’ and I don’t think it’s something which’ll ever change, thank goodness.

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