”I’m not keen on Paul McGann’s portrayal of the character in the TV Movie”

TV Fans of a certain age will love this. Lance Parkin, writer of some of the best of the Eighth Doctor novels and AHistory explains what he really thought of the book series:

"“There are some bad ones, yes, and – worse than that – there are some mediocre ones. I’d rather have a story that was trying to do something interesting and failed than one that just ticked things off a list of Things That Happen In Doctor Who. I think that particularly from The Burning to, say, Time Zero, they’re just about all as good as the NAs, which is about the highest praise I have for Doctor Who. [...] “In retrospect,” he continues, “the problem with destroying Gallifrey wasn’t destroying Gallifrey, it was that the Doctor wasn’t forced to live with the consequences. The new show does that so beautifully. Often, watching the telly series is a bit like peeking at the answers to a test I sat years ago … ‘oh, that’s how you do it’.”

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