Amusingly sweary

The Flying Doctors comes to dvd.
I've had one of those days were time just seems to disappear from under you and it's suddenly eight in evening and you're not sure exactly what you did with your day. I'm about to watch The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford which I'm very excited about, though it's so humid this evening I'll be lucky to reach the end without dozing, probably.

Dirty pretty thing
Amusingly sweary interview with Keira Knightley, who I still think has done her best work out of period costume. As I noted way back in 2006, when asked by potential director John Maybury why she should appear in his film The Jacket, she replied: "If I don't make this film I'll be stuck in corsets for the rest of my career." It didn't really work did it, duchess?

Ben Affleck tones down the love for Barack Obama
I do find it interesting that there's a correlation between the actors I like and their political persuasion. To be honest though, the best thing about this linked article is the photograph, in which Ben is surprised by a cellotape machine going on the offensive.

a veep debate fantasy
Meanwhile, marbury is speculating on what the Biden/Palin televisual verbal smackdown will look like and includes a brilliant clip from the Bentsen/Quayle contest in which the latter is demolished by the former, though it's a salient reminder that the best VP candidate in the world isn't going to swing and election. Also: John McCain Only Met Sarah Palin Once!

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