100 Things About Me

Life I've been waiting for a quiet moment to write about this. It's not much of a story. Actually it is a story and you can read about it here, but before you do I'll frame it like this. When I was constructing the 'about me', this list, the one that has at the top '100 Things About Me', I knew it was an opportunity to have a permanent place to keep certain things. One of them was the sound of my voice, the other was the following:

45: If there was one person from my past I would like to meet again it would be Rosie Holt. We were in halls together in Leeds and I always worry about what happened to her. Sometimes you don't hold on tight to the people who you later wanted to be life long friends. That's Rosie Holt. Rosie Holt. Rosie Holt. I'm hoping she'll find this if she ever does an ego search on Google, so I'll repeat her name again, Rosie Holt. Just email and tell me you're OK will you?

Well, a couple of weeks ago, a day after my computer died, I finally had a chance to check my email and there was a flickr update, a Facebook friend request and an email and they were all from Rosie. I screamed to be honest -- I didn't think the plan would actually work. But she'd googled her maiden name (she's been married since then) and found herself listed here there and everywhere!

Though for reasons that are none of your business her life's been a bit more eventful than mine (something made perfectly clear when she asked me to describe the past fifteen years and the best I could do was list my CV) I think she is genuinely ok, thank goodness. So for those of you who've asked now and then if I have ever heard from her, there's your answer.

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  1. Anonymous6:56 pm

    hi stuart, stumbled upon your blog while searching for some info about the new tesco on bold street. the whole "rosie holt" story really caught my eye. i was intrigued. really enjoyed reading the article you posted on flickr. i'm glad everything has turned out alright at the end.