"I wanted to make sure we understood each other..."

I had planned to post all of these last night, except just as I was about to, I realised that someone had hacked into my eBay account and sent spam messages into Italy. Ebay spotted it before I did. I was surprised. Then I was astounded to discover that a Trogan keylogger was installed on my system. I don't know how long they'd been there, but I hope they enjoyed my review of Monday's The Sarah Jane Adventures. I know I didn't.

U.S. pilot was ordered to shoot down UFO
Of course, I've cancelled all of my credit and debit cards as a precaution and changed the passwords on all of the websites I may have used, home shopping or not. I've never had my house broken into, not when I wasn't there at least (long story), but the feeling can't be too dissimilar, the impression that someone could be going through the details of my meagre life looking for loopholes or ways they can get me a mortgage or credit cards I don't need.

Rage Of The Unpaid: Hip Hop Freelancers Revolt!
As you can see, I'm still a bit behind on my reading, though this story is sure to become infamous. Freelancers of the world unite!

Dogs, squirrels and rats: Sefton Park in the autumn
The park is lovely this year, a patchwork of orange and gold which I don't think we've seen before. Apparently we're getting these Vermonter colours due to climate change and though I can't say that's a good reason, it shows there are silver linings to everything.

Grant Morrison writes Doctor Who [via]
... and drawn by Brian Hitch.

The 150 Best Online Flash Games
Many of these are quite samey, but the arcade adaptations are impressive.

Graham Kibble-White interviews Charlie Brooker
I can't wait for Dead Set, Brooker's Zombie dramedy, though since it's being shown daily and I'm horrible at remembering when things are on, I'll probably be watching the dvd. So actually I can wait. I'm learning.

Digital switchover date revealed
Granadaland is losing its analogue signal 4 November 2009, and if I'm still in the area, I definitely be tuning in to watch ITV1 being taken off the air.

Plotting on the London Underground
This looks like a British version of the man in the currently downloadable This American Life who goes around in a Superman costume.

Three Billy Goats Guff
Stuart writes about being banned from the Doctor Who forum: "But what I was saying was the truth, and I was never what I would consider to be very rude, nor was I trying to provoke a reaction so much as getting irritated at what I saw as rather creepy behaviour. "

Mitch Benn to write musical with Neil Gaiman.
I am aware that for some, that headline would be the other way around.

'I felt like some kind of monster'
"The human face is a miracle of nature. It can communicate nuances of emotion just by tweaking a muscle, it allows our brains not just to see the world but in some sense - through a smile or a grimace - to be seen by it. I discovered exactly how amazing the human face is when half of mine stopped working on Valentine's Day last year."

Flea Market Funk
Man or rather maaaan reviews records he's bought at table sales.

Biden's Brief
The New Yorker seems to interview Joe about becoming the vice presidential nominee and demonstrates how accurate The West Wing was in deal with these kinds of things. I wanted to make sure we understood each other—that, even if I vetted and he wanted me to take the job, I wasn’t committing to do that. When the time was appropriate for him, if I was the guy, I needed to spend at least two or three hours with him to understand what the role would be.”

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