arguing about for decades

TV It's actually quite comforting watching Star Trek fans having to deal with precisely the kinds of issues us Doctor Who fans have been arguing about for decades. This interview with movie writer Bob Orci is somewhat spoilerific but has a whiff of the UNIT dating controversy. More commentary in the comments.

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  1. Basically the film uses a similar plot to the DS9 story Trials and Tribblations and TNG's Yesterday's Enterprise in order to retcon established Trek canon, it's a prequel and reboot both at the same time which is the big twist I was expecting at the close of 'Enterprise' before robbed that series of its dignity by having the finale stolen by Troi and Riker.

    Quite what was wrong with established continuity I'm not sure and but I suppose this is better than what the same writers did to Transformers and at least they're coming up with an excuse to get creative. It's just that they couldn't see a way to telling a straight story about exploration instead of another film about time travel.