as a fan I could care less

TV Not too long ago I posted about an FOI request looking for information about what went on between the BBC and RSC in relation to David Tennant playing Hamlet. Well, having not got the information they wanted, the questioner is looking under some other rocks. Here's three more:

Communications between the BBC and a talent agency.

All recorded information used to create the press release which said that Who wouldn't be returning for a whole series in 2009

Internal memos within the BBC related the 'crisis' caused by the same lack of Whoness.

The last two requests are particularly fantastic since they include whole sections of RTD's book The Writer's Tale to try and illustrate why this information is in the public interest. I think the questioner thinks there was some kind of cover up or that someone isn't telling the truth about what went on, but even as a fan I could care less. People have jobs to do and it's really the end product which is most important.

As I've said before I'd much the rather show be rested a little bit than driving itself into the ground creatively again. Plus it's not like the show isn't in production, and in fact what with Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, people have been working at Cardiff right through, bless them. Still, I can't say I won't be interested in the outcome -- as I said in the previous post, this is precisely the kind of internal conversation which isn't usually produced until much later.

Anyway, I'll keep you updated when an answer is forthcoming.

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  1. I do hope that 'Annie Wilkes' is a pseudonym - that way, the author either has her tongue firmly in cheek, or is simply advertising :)