On legs.

How to emulate every Nintendo system in Windows
Yes, even Virtual Boy.

Photographer Peter Carr: The picture is always worth it
My Mum thinks his photographs of the interior of the Anglican Cathedral are the best she's ever seen.

If Obama and Khamenei want to get along, they should start watching TV
There's a promo for the the BBC's new Persian channel on YouTube; there's a rather jolly moment at minute 2:56 which seems to be a homage to Terry Gilliam's Monty Python animation.

Hacked Ikea table sculpture
Looks like the London Olympics logo. On legs.

Cover for Kevin Smith's latest lacks something ...
... like the rest of the title.

People Who Deserve It: Full Meal Movie Goer
Number three on my list of reasons I don't go to the pictures as often as I'd like. There are some 'posh' cinemas offering waitress service too which sounds like a nightmare for anyone who cares about watching the actual film.

What Will Happen When You Move to Dubai
Strangely misses "Someone will park a ruddy great TARDIS on your roof."

Reply-All can get even more fun when multiple timezones are involved.
It can. On September 11th, I sent a round robin email out to check everyone was ok, mostly bloggers and people I'd met online. It sped around the world, which, and I hadn't considered this, resulted in total strangers connecting with each other. I wonder if any of them are still in touch with each other.

Slashdot reviews Lord of the Rings: Conquest.
"The AI in LotR: Conquest is more comical than effective. As your mage launches his fire nuke at a group of enemies, they'll alertly shout "Watch out, Fire Wall!" while blithely standing in the fire and dying."

Conspiracy of silence: Could the release of secret documents shatter Felix Mendelssohn's reputation?
It means reputation in the 1840s sense of the word. The music still stands up.

Make your own inauguration souvenir
It's the new President's head in cotton. There's possibly some symbolism there.

A pornographer and proud
"What I object to is the (male) journalist's attitude that writing sexually explicit material is something to be ashamed of."

KFC Has No Frakkin' Clue What "Frak" Means
Do you think there was a meeting?
KFC: So um, the word, 'Frak'. Would be ok to use that in the advertising?
BSG: You bet (sniggers).
KFC: What?
BSG: You do know what it means don't you?
KFC: Sure. (pause) Well of course we know what it means. That goes without saying.
BSG: Oh OK. So long as you're ok with it ...

Forever Cool -- Dean Martin
Rather odd album which samples Deano's voice so that he can duet with top pop acts and Kevin Spacey. Inspiring and creepy in equal measure [listen to it on/through/at Spotify]

Tennant: to DVD or not to DVD
Petition to film, Tennant's Hamlet. Well done you.

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