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Life In 2003, I revisited the three places I lived as an undergrad in Leeds. Now, thanks to Google Street View, since the little car apparently took these photos last summer, I can see what they look like five years later.

First year: Macaulay Hall , Beckett Park Campus:

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The car didn't quite drive that way, but it's the building in the centre. Sometimes we'd have seminars there and I could attend in my slippers.

Second year: 69 Richmond Avenue.

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That window at the front was my bedroom. Notice the To Let sign. I wonder if this still a student house, or it just means it hadn't been secured by anyone for the summer.

Third year: 38 Harold Walk.

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My bedroom this time was behind the window on the top right. The wall between me and that bathroom was basically made hardboard and I could hear everything. I think the block paving outside is new.

Is it possible for you to do the same? Perhaps we could start one of those meme things.

Just for fun, I look for the University of Manchester (where I was a post-grad). The photocar must have visited Oxford Road on a wet Sunday at the crack of dawn:

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I love that even so, there's still at least one student crossing the street.

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Annette said...

Now there's an interesting way to find visuals to accompany your posts. Maybe now I'll go back and find one where I can do the same.

That library is a really beautiful building. I think I would have loved to study in there.