don't you?

Life I've been trying to learn to relax. This isn't to suggest in anyway I have a hectic lifestyle with no time to sit and reflect. I probably have too much time to do that. I'm sitting writing about this for example. If had the kind of lifestyle that would require me to properly relax I wouldn't be in on a Friday night. But I'm going off the point again, so let's relax.

The kind of relaxation I'm talking about is related to priorities. Knowing what's important. For example, at present, Google Reader says I have 1701 ... 1703 posts waiting to be read. 1681. Sorry I got pulled back in again. 1624. I checked HotUKDeals. The point is that in the past I would have felt a bit of anxiety, well no not anxiety -- skittishness at the size of that thing. Lately, I've decided it's not that important. 1547 (jobs folder). Sorry, not that important to keep oh so up to date with everything.

So there it is going up again. And I don't care. At all. I know that there's probably some cool new thing that jkottke's found (assuming it is him this week) or some blog post at The Guardian website about a west end theatre production I'll never get to see or an amazing new way to clean pans at Lifehacker or some such, but I don't need to know this, I don't need to know this straight away. I have others I should be doing. 1552.

Up until a couple of days ago I had about thirty folders in Google Reader, a range of topics, all cross referenced. I've deleted them all. The feeds are still there but simplified down to what I really want to read, what I could read, and what isn't that important and only if I really have the time. The only really specific folders I've kept are for things which matter. Photography. Recipes. Lovefilm. Spotify. Everything else is either culture or technology or people and I know which one I enjoy reading about the most.

You know I mean people, don't you?

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