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I once knew a guy at school (hey Ben) whose entire chat-up line ouvre consisted of ‘Let’s have a dance, I’ll buy you a drink and we’ll get off with each other.’ This worked to a worrying degree and he broke the hearts of many of his school friends. Some of us aren’t quite so professional and need all the help we can get.

What must be amazing is how much of this stuff there is out there. Cynics might suggest that it’s hardly surprising, since computer users by reputation don’t get out there much. Which is probably easy. The thing is that because most of the work in the millennium is carried out by the computer - our main interaction is with the nearly flat piece of glass you’re reading this from now.

So it’s hardly surprising that these people are trying to fill in the advice we should all be getting from our friends who are right now having a great time in the pub, bar or coffee house wondering why we haven’t come out again. ‘Spose the best advice any of these sites could offer is to turn off the computer and experience the thing for ourselves. But they wouldn’t would they?
Way Too Personal
Virtual Kisses
The Love Calender

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