"Is that a helicopter?"

TV I've just been flicking through the channels and happened upon that Peter Andre and Katie Price reality tv thing on ITV2. The existence of them and this programme annoys me at the best of times and at the worst of times I just simply think that since they've moved to America, they're (you're) welcome to them.

Pete is sitting on the lawn of their massive house in Malibu playing with his kids as a helicopter drifts into view overhead.
"Is that a helicopter?" He asks. "Are they taking photographs?"
The camera makes an illustrative pan upwards to the 'copter.
"I don't understand," he continues, "What could they find so interesting?"


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  1. I'm getting tickets for the Jade Goody musical!!! It screams "art".

    Back on topic, maybe they are astro-physicists investigating a localised gravitational anomaly caused by a binary planet configuration roughly in the location of Jordans previously rather nice breasts?