Stop now, what's that sound?

Music Stop now, what's that sound? It's Apple shooting itself in the foot by approving the official Spotify application. On the one hand it makes the iphone an attractive music player (if you have the money to pay for the premium service and data) but on the other it'll be interesting to see how many people will simply stop buying their music from iTunes.

From my own experience, it's a very long time since I bought a cd. The other day I was looking for the Melody Gardot album on my hard disk and then realised that I'd been listening to it from Spotify all along. Ditto Little Boots. I predicted in January that the application has the potential to change the way people enjoy music. I just didn't think it would happen quite so quickly.

And in case you're wondering it's from Chumbawamba's Timebomb. Which ironically, isn't on Spotify. Ha! But it is preserved on YouTube, in this effervescent live version recorded at about the time Tubthumping made them rich and arguably ruined their careers. Spot the bit of improv that immediately dates the clip.

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  1. Oh Stuart - you found my favourite Chumbawamba song to use - bless you, around the time we were at Uni I used to dance to this every weekend somewhere (usually the Poly Bop at the Ents Hall in town). This morning I feel 20 years old again... thank you xx