the answers to the Liverpool Twestival Quiz

Quiz! And so, as promised the answers to the Liverpool Twestival Quiz:

1. Whose poem adorns the fountain in Williamson Square?

Roger McGough

2. In which century was Liverpool founded?

1200s or thirteenth century

3. What was The Beatles’ first single?

Love Me Do (reached 17 in the charts)

4. What was ironic about the choice of Giles Gilbert Scott, the architect of the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral?

He was a catholic.

5. How did Norway feed Liverpool?

Scouse originated in Norway and was brought over my sailors.

6. Who lived at 59 Rodney Street?

E Chambre Hardman, the photographer.

7. Who were W. E. Barclay and John McKenna?

The first managers of Liverpool and Everton

8. What was the mascot of the International Garden Festival in 1984?

A liver bird.

9. Who directed the film “Of Time and the City”, about his childhood living in Liverpool?

Terrance Davies

10. Where at this moment in Liverpool city centre will you find Major-General William Earle?

A statue on St George's Hall Plateau

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