No ... no, no, no, no,"

Film Small Wonders is a dvd compilation of short films, most of which deal with some kind of relationship. It has a fairly high strike rate but many would be spoilt if I said too much about them. The best is undoubtedly this entry, Nine 1/2 Minutes starring a pre-Who David Tennant and a post-Teachers Zoe Telford:

What's brilliant about this -- other than the premise -- is that it's willing to leave the whole story open to interpretation, leave it up to the audience to pick through the ambiguities. It's also worth watching a few times -- it has nuance and elements which only pay off on the second or third occasion which again isn't something a lot of these films have. Also, many times have we seen Tennant say "No ... no, no, no, no," like that in the past four years?

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