utterly, utterly brilliant

Liverpool Life I rather undersold this last night, at least on this blog. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead at the Novas Liverpool is utterly, utterly brilliant. To repeat what I said at the opening of this review, I want to urge you, if you’re in the Liverpool area and you have an interest in theatre, however vague, to seek out this production before it goes forever on the 13th September. It deserves a large audience.

Catherine Jones has said some nice things about it in the Liverpool Echo. It’s at the Novas Contemporary Urban Centre which you may not have heard of (the taxi driver who took me certainly didn’t), but if you can get to Caines Brewery, it’s opposite (ish) there. Here’s a map and and ticket details. If you manage to visit on 5th, 12th or 13th you will be able to see this show and their Hamlet (also previously reviewed) back to back.

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