Opus Arte Advent Calendar

Opera Oh yes. I've just been sent the following email which I know you'll find interesting:
"This email in particular is regarding the Royal Opera House and Opus Arte, their multi-platform arts production and distribution company. In short, Opus Arte bring opera, dance, oratorio and theatre to the cinema and across a range of digital formats, for all to enjoy.

This Christmas they are bringing The Nutcracker to the cinema screen in high-definition recording from the Royal Opera House itself, so those that might not be able to make the show, can see it across the country.

For this they’ve made a great digital advent calendar for The Nutcracker, which, once you’ve entered your details, gives you a short clip of the opera on a daily basis, and a little bit of info. Entertaining and fun at the same time.

We thought, because of your obvious like for culture and the arts, you’d enjoy the calendar and might think that others would enjoy it too. It’s live here:


So, please feel free to let your readers know about it, as I said, the ROH are trying to help people who might not be able to enjoy the experience of the opera live, have an experience of their own.
I do like these online advent calendars; they're welcome change from the usual religious or Dickensian examples you find in shops. I've set up a .bat file on my desktop so that I can open them on mass each morning to enjoy their treats. So far it looks like this:
"@echo off
start iexplore.exe -new http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/s4/features/adventurecalendar/
start iexplore.exe -new http://www.echoarena.com/competitions/index.asp
start iexplore.exe -new http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/online/advent/
start iexplore.exe -new http://sca.lib.liv.ac.uk/collections/highlights/h0912calendar/h0912adventcalendar.htm
start iexplore.exe -new http://www.dorsetcereals.co.uk/advent-calendar
start iexplore.exe -new http://www.opusarte-adventcalendar.com/
Now I've added this Opus Arts example so that I can enjoy a burst of dancing or singing too.

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