Why not the BBC?

BBC Much as a love the BBC's podcast directory and all of its wares the one black spot is in the area of RSS feeds. On the iPlayer, it's possible to subscribe to a whole channel's output, or by genre, or both. For some reason, this isn't possible with the podcast range, you can't subscribe to a feed of everything from Radio Four, or Three or Five. No genre support either. Which means if you're interested in interview or documentaries you have to scoot through the whole site and subscribe to them all individually.

Since there doesn't seem to be an easy way of contacted the BBC, nothing in the way of a simple electronic suggestion box, I thought I'd pop it on here instead in the hopes that someone from the BBC internet team might find it through a referral. I know this wouldn't be very user friendly for iTuners, but we users of RSS readers would be able to pick and choose from the range from programmes when something interests us and there's less chance of us missing a new podcast when it begins. The Guardian has a single feed for all of its podcasts. Why not the BBC?


  1. Hiya, Sarah Prag from BBC Audio and Music Interactive has posted a response on the Internet blog.


  2. Thanks Paul (and Sarah).