Life I've never been very good at sleeping. I either sleep for too long or not enough or my mattress is too lumpy or too hard or I'm too cold or too warm or my dreams make me restless. I've never been to see a sleep therapist but that's most because I seem to get by, I don't think my behaviour is abnormal. I probably just need a new bed. One of these perhaps:

Currently on sale at Liverpool Costco, the Apple Day Bed is a giant hollow basket with a small doorway, a kind of summer igloo. The definition of a day bed seems to be that it goes outside. But having snuggled up inside one (with the resulting comments "Look at that bloke in there." etc) I can't imagine why people would want to sleep anywhere else.

Lying within its wicker weaves you're saturated by an overwhelming sense of calm as though nature is cradling you. It's entirely impractical to keep in-doors unless you've a very big house. But I've decided that when I do become rich (I'd have to be at that price) and famous and Mtv Cribs come knocking on my door, this is exactly the kind of eccentricity I'd like them to find inside.

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