Notable Omission from the Sci-Fi Superfan Reference Guide.

TV There's clearly something missing from this Sci-Fi Superfan Reference Guide:

  • Monikor: Whovians (though has that truly been used in the past twenty years?)

  • They like their sci-fi: British.

  • Proudest Moment: 2005.

  • Lamest Moment:

    Old Who:

    Nu Who:

    "Not you too Bob."

  • When Fandom Goes Too Far: The Ianto Jones Shrine.

  • If You Marry One Expect: A house full of spin-off books, comics, cds and dvds arranged in chronological story order.

  • How To Piss One Off: Tell them that you like all the kissing.

  • Sex Role Playing Will Involve: A Sonic Screwdriver.

  • Hardly The Completely Useless Encyclopedia or Tachyon TV, but it'll do.

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