complete the data entry

Music The BBC have published an online archive of the Proms from their launch in 1895. Their methodology reminds me of the work I did at the Walker in the late 90s, where I helped to merged and complete the data entry on three or four different collection databases:
"The database is in fact an amalgamation of three existing databases. The largest of these was on a system called 'Cardbox' and was only available to a handful of users within the BBC network. Once the three old databases had been combined, one of the biggest challenges for the researchers was combing multiple versions of the same entry. For example, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (left) cropped up 27 times, with 746 works; he's now been reduced to a single composer entry with 185 works."
Until someone decides to spend the next three years creating a database of Spotify playlists, as a treat, here is Mozart's musical biography instead.

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