"law is a noble pursuit."

Law Elizabeth Wurtzel, who recently passed her bar exam, talks about why she wants to practice law:
"Given such a wide-ranging critique of the legal profession, I am often asked why I practice law at all. As it happens, I really like my job—but I work for David Boies, who is such an original that it would probably be fun to listen to him recite his laundry list. But even if I were doing some other legal handiwork, I would still want to stick with it, because despite all the vicious jokes about attorneys—no matter how many times I hear that eleven drowning lawyers is just a good start—I actually believe law is a noble pursuit. And I don’t only mean the kind of public-interest law that is practiced by attorneys at the NAACP and the ACLU—I even mean commercial transactions and corporate litigation, the workaday work of large law firms in major cities."
And I'll remember the first time I fail at something first time, anything, that Elizabeth, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Franklin D. Roosevelt did too. Granted I'm talking about failure to get the right job, cook an omelette or trying to work out who owns the fish (an ongoing project) but the point stands I think. Possibly.

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