Wait, what?

TV Reading this 1987 Paramount Memo which reveals the actors who auditioned for Star Trek: The Next Generation is predictably entertaining. Don't know then. Don't know them. Don't know them. Wait, what?

Anne Twomey
Jenny Augutter
Cheryl [Gates] McFadden
There isn't a "Jenny Augutter" listed at the imdb, so it can't be a typo. Jenny Agutter auditioned for Beverley Crusher.

This isn't as unlikely as it seems. She was in the US at the time, appearing in Amazon Women on the Moon, The Equaliser and Dear John USA and so actually was looking for a career boost. It's impossible to imagine now what she might have been like, but hopefully she'd be less marooned than poor old Genevieve Bujold was in Voyager:

In some cases, casting is everything.

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