like, much

Music Zooey doesn't say, like, much, but when she does speak she, like, totally captures why she's, like, so, like, amazing:
"I rarely do movies. I’ve done like one movie a year for the past couple years. I used to do a lot more, but I’ve just been a lot more choosy lately, so that I do have more time. I’ve been touring a lot, recording a lot, and writing a lot. I just do the movies I really, really want to do, and don’t overwork myself in that area. That way, I can concentrate on one thing at a time. I used to write all the time when I was working, and go home and stay up really late. I’ve just been spending more time doing music lately."
Or in other words, because she's careful or at least sparing in the kinds of films she chooses, she's able to retain a certain mystique or impregnability even in a triumph like The Happening. Which I've finally decided is a masterpiece of directorial vision. Make of that statement what you will.

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