Carol Barnes's breakfast.

TV With Channel 4 returning to something resembling a breakfast television programme (albeit essentially mimicking a nine year old flicking from 4Music to More4 for three hours) I sought out evidence of the original and best early morning show Channel 4 Daily. It was segmented like a grapefruit. Here's the original trailer:

If ITV replaced Daybreak with that they'd be branded innovators. Make sure you watch out for:

(1) Dermot Murnaghan in the Alan Partridge role on the business desk.

(2) "This spot will be occupied by specially commissioned paintings. A different one each week ..."

(3) The "comedy" sketch between Carol V and Twice-Nightly.

(4) Kickback, which is Thought for the Day with angry people.

(5) The New Fantastic Four discussion the contents of Carol Barnes's breakfast.

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