Liverpool Biennial 2010: Epilogue

Art The Liverpool Biennial completed yesterday and though I missed the closing moments due to work, like Sachiko Abe's final performance at AFoundation, I did think of it and wondered why it had effected me so much this year. Was it that the main theme "touched" had worked its teeth into me or just that because I'd decided to really work at seeing as much as I could for the benefit of this blog, it has just repaid me in kind.

After day one, the excitement continued with the launch in the main hall of St George's Hall, the most entertaining moment of which was watching Lewis Biggs battle against the racket of a performance work, a pile of steel drums being erected in the centre of floor (see above), only once stumbling over his words, then the expectation of the crowd that music would ensue only to find the volunteers posing for pictures.

As my bus passed up Renshaw Street on its usual route into town this morning, I couldn't help peering at the visitor centre hoping for signs of life, that perhaps the Biennial had decided to give it just one more week.  Just one more.  But apart from signs of a final party last night, bottles and paper plates on the picnic tables, the interior lights were off for the first time months.  All gone now.

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