"the Tim Vine route"

Liverpool Life Last night I attended one of the periodic Ignite talks. I decided to simply watch the events unfold rather than write lots of notes this time so I'm pleased to see that Alistair's filed a report so you can read about what you missed:
"Next Robin Brown, of Seven Streets (among other websites), discussed the importance of choosing the right name for your website.
There are, he mused, three types of route you can go down to name a site - the SEO (search engine optimisation) route, the Tim Vine route (puns) or the Ronseal route (does what it says on the tin).
A site such as Medical Device Technology, for example, is a Ronseal and SEO name.
When it came to naming Seven Streets, Robin and David Lloyd chose a name reflecting Liverpool's history. They almost, he said, chose to name the site Corkhill after the legendary Brookside family- but decided, in the end, that "it was a terrible name".
His advice was that people naming sites should "consider audience, content, tone and "Ronseal or Tim Vine or SEO".
As I realised afterwards, Liverpool Blogs inadvertently manages to be Ronseal, Tim Vine and SEO.


  1. Anonymous1:17 am

    Forgive my ignorance, but why is Liverpool blogs a Tim Vine ?

  2. Because of the double meaning.

    I wanted Blogs to be read as a noun and/or a verb.