Annotations: Liverpool Blogs at Social Media Cafe Liverpool.

Annotations All being well, I've just spent part of this evening giving an entertaining and informative talk on the history of Liverpool Blogs to the Social Media Cafe in Liverpool, during which I've promised to post an annotation of the talk so that people will have links to all the relevant websites in one handy place.

Or I've stuttered my way through a Power Point presentation, in which it's as though I was seeing each new slide for the first time having forgotten what I was going to say and then shouted out about this annotation right at the end or even after the talk has finished. Either way, here are the relevant/irrelevant links:

My first attempt at a blog, the archived posts.
My first post about the Sugababes.
The real first post.
My interview with Annette from this blog's 5th birthday.
Metafilter, community blog.
Updated UK Weblogs.
I’m Belle de Jour. The Times. November 15, 2009.
How Belle de Jour's secret ally Googlewhacked the press. The Guardian. Wednesday 18 November 2009.
Me and Belle de Jour – “Could it be Brooke?” @ Linkmachinego
Best British Blog competition @ The Guardian
Imperial Donut.
Blogging like it’s 2000 by Katy Lindemann @ Seemingly Unconnected
London Bloggers directory.

The Manchizzle.
The University of Manchester.
North West Enquirer @ Wikipedia.
The post from here in which I highlight being included in the North West Blogwatch.
The Manchester Blogroll @ The Manchizzle.
Manchester Blog Awards.

Liverpool Blogs.
Fried Chicken.
Liverpool Blogs introductory post.
Ellen Loudon.
The Hamlet Weblog.
Just Liverpool Blogs.

[And you wouldn't believe what I had to leave out...]


Here's the Powerpoint presentation too for your edification. I hope to write up a textual version of the presentation when I have the time. Possibly in the new year. Allow it to marinate for a bit longer.

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