a poor substitute for Mutya and Siobhan

Music While I was away from life (or should that be life online?), the first inkling of Keisha's solo effort "leaked" online. I've tried to listen through the prism of perhaps mid-noughties Sugababes, but ultimately its horrendously bland and can't escape the impression that a vocoder is a poor substitute for Mutya and Siobhan. Plus, she's been autotuned. Why the hell would you autotune the voice?

Meanwhile at the "Sugababes" that crazy upsidedown language you kids use suggests that in killing a vocal during the recording session for the next album they're doing something worthwhile (Two albums with the same line-up? Isn't that a record?) and a greatest hits collection has been announced. Or rather, another one. Wonder if they'll have the cheek to include anything from One Touch?

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  1. Away from life ?! That does sounds interesting. I'm sure all will be revealed . . . ?