" we tried to be funny in all our links"

Film One the occasion of their slight return on 6 Music, Andrew Collins reminisces about the glory days of his double act with Stuart Maconie, back when ITV still filled its nocturnal hours with useful programming and not repeats of the same rubbish they had on in daytime:
"We introduced a weekly visual joke for the end of each show, and we tried to be funny in all our links, and to involve the audience, in an early example of interactivity, by getting a viewer in to guest-review one of the films. Among the stars of tomorrow we had in were Ali Caterall, now a reviewer at the Guardian and Word, and none other than Sarah Millican, who I believe was in mid-career-change at the time. (In the days before email, viewers had to, like, write to us, and send us a cassette or videocassette of them reviewing a film, and send it through the post and everything.)"
Along with Night Network, this was television designed for PVRs and series links about ten to fifteen years before they went mainstream. If you forgot to set the video you'd missed it. Luckily, someone was paying attention and Andrew's post includes some classic clips.

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