new desktop PC

Life I have (another) new desktop PC. This time it's this Compaq SG3-350UK Desktop PC, AMD Athlon II, 2.9GHz, 4GB RAM with 750GB HD and frankly it's frightening the life out of me. Windows 7 is an imposing, oppressive operating system, it's in a large black monolithic box whose hard disk light is at eye level and blinking on and off whenever I do anything.

I feel watched. Every now and then I'll glance over and I think it's judging me. Judging the software I'm installing, judging the fact I've kept the Dell keyboard because I'm used to it, judging the right time to fail because it knows that every new peace of technology I've ever purchased has developed a fault sooner rather than later. 

At least it has a substantial on button at the top.  Even if it glows angry green when pressed.

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