"Remember, the Rebellion is in hiding."

Film Topless Robot offers ten disturbing questions raised by the original Star Tours:
"Tour groups bring in a diverse group of people, so the odds that some of the passengers on Star Tours are pro-Empire are very good. Having different political views is one thing; actively taking part in an attack on the largest government battleship in the universe is another. Remember, the Rebellion is in hiding. The whole beginning of Empire is them trying not be found out while they're on Hoth, otherwise they'll be massacred by AT-ATs. If anyone on the tour to Endor wasn't allied with the Rebellion, they'd be calling the authorities ASAP once they touched down. "Those rebels you've been searching for? Would you believe it, they're running a goddam tour company."
The post includes a POV video of the actual ride in which part of the fun is obviously in the hydraulics. It's worth watching for the sound of the "audience" who are clearly having a brilliant time. Saves us a plane fare too.

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